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April 07, 2018
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Lenfest Center for the Arts
615 W. 129 St.
New York, NY 10027

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April 5 - 7, 2018

River Rouge

By Andy Boyd


One was a communist. The other was a capitalist. One was an artist. The other, an engineer. And yet, for the year between the spring of 1932 and the spring of 1933, Diego Rivera and Henry Ford were friends. Rivera came to Detroit on a commission from Ford’s son Edsel to paint a mural on the theme of Detroit Industry. Rivera and his wife the painter Frida Kahlo arrived in a city on the brink of revolution or collapse: bank failures, violent labor clashes, rallies by Communists and Bible-quoting proto-fascists that drew audiences in the thousands. River Rouge tells the story of the year that followed in a dizzying collage-inspired style mixing vaudeville, docudrama, folk music, protest theatre, and magical realism. It asks a question as relevant today as it was in 1932: how can we use art to remake the world?


Production Team:


Director: NJ Agwuna

Dramaturg: Philip Santos Schaffer

General Manager: Andreas Huang

Production Stage Manager: Gregory Jackson

Composer: Dylan Neely

Music Director: Cynthia Meng

Dance Choreographer: Ann Cooley

Fight Choreographer: NJ Agwuna

Scenic Designer: Anna Driftmier

Lighting Designer: Eric Norbury

Projection Designer: Shawn Boyle

Graphic Designer: Charles Boyd




Yoni Bronstein, Anthony Gabriele, Kaitlin Kaufman, Germainne LeBron, Roger Lipson*, Javier Padilla, Katherine Pena, Vaughn Pole*, Manuela Sosa, Daniel Stompor, Jay Yriberry.

* Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association


Festival Staff:


Production Manager: CB Shotwell

Technical Director: John Trevellini

Director of Production: Joe Novak

Festival Stage Managers: Patty Garvey and Morgan Beach

Festival General Manager: Bethany Sharp

Marketing Director: Halla Tryggvadottir

Program Assistant: Zach Marlin

CU Program Assistant: Kate Mulley

Scenic//Props Coordinator: Anna Driftmier

Sound//Projection Coordinator: Ian Wehrle

Lenfest Lighting Coordinator: Kyle Soble

Lenfest Costume Coordinator: Nikolas Tucker

Production Resources: Jack Calk

Run Crew: Aaron Keller

Head of Playwriting Department: David Henry Hwang

Head of Stage Mgmt. Department: Michael J. Passaro


The Playwright's Bio: 


Andy Boyd is a playwright based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. His previous plays include Os Confederados, She Shall be Praised, and The Trade Federation, or, Let's Explore Globalization Through the Star Wars Prequels. His plays have been produced or workshopped by Naked Theatre, Out Loud Theatre, Epic Theatre Company, and Contemporary Theatre of Rhode Island, and have been shown in the New York, Capital, and Providence Fringe Festivals. In addition to writing plays, Andy records music under the project name Andy the Giant and co-hosts Better than Shakespeare, a socialist theatre podcast, with Danny Erickson. He is the recipient of the Phyllis Anderson Prize awarded by The American Repertory Theatre and a Rhode Island State Council for the Arts Grant in Playwriting and Screenwriting.