Spring 2019

Past Events

February 02, 2019
February 01, 2019


Katharina Otto-Bernstein Screening Room
Lenfest Center for the Arts
615 W 129th St
New York, NY 10027


Films selected by Sonia Brand-Fisher, Myranda D’Apolito, Ben Goff, Matt Knudsen, Insook Park, Nathan Smith, Narcissa Sun, Shuyi Xiong, Yolanda Zhang, Ting-Hao Zhou, and Rui Zhu.

Organized by the MA Film and Media Studies Class of 2019.


What happens when we combine films we had never previously thought to combine? Is there something to be gained from unusual unions? Zoom-In is a screening series curated by Columbia University's Film and Media Studies MA class of 2019 that asks these very questions and more.


The event will consist of four panels:


Panel 1: "All the World's a Film Set" Friday 12-2 PM 

               A selection of Marey Films (1890)

               An excerpt from Dragonfly Eyes (2017)

               Man with a Movie Camera: A Global Remake (2007)


Panel 2: "I Sing the Body Synthetic" Friday 2:15-7 PM

               Metropolis (1927)

               Ex Machina (2014)


Panel 3: "Cinematic Traffic Jams" Saturday 12-3:30 PM

               Traffic in Souls (1913)

               No Way Out (on 35mm!) (1950) 


Panel 4: "Temporal Trickery" Saturday 3:45-8 PM

               The Limey (1999)

               Youth Without Youth (on 35mm!) (2007)


A twenty-minute discussion led by students and faculty members will accompany each panel.


This event is free of charge.


For more information, email with "Zoom-In 2019" in the subject line.